Oh Shucks . . . Not Me



What do you do when you get a compliment?  Think about it.  Do you say,

  • Oh shucks, that’s no big deal,

  • Oh this old thing,

  • I got it on sale at….,

  • Oh anybody can do that

  • No I’m not…


I find that often women, more so than men, find it hard to accept a compliment and not only don’t accept it graciously but try to negate it.  Why is that?


Let me just say that being self-deprecating is not attractive, not really being humble, and it’s rude. It is insulting to the person who gave the compliment and who said the kind words. We are indirectly saying, oh you don’t know anything, or that their opinion doesn’t matter. It is really bad behavior.


The truth is in most cases it’s because you don’t feel good about yourself, you don’t feel worthy of the compliment, or it is your lack of confidence. Maybe you were told in your early years not too brag or not to draw attention to yourself. Possibly you were told your opinion or your choices don’t matter.


That was me.  I was raised in the South, a girl (which had it’s own set of rules), a daughter of an officer in the Air force, AND we were went to the Southern Baptist church.  It was a very strict upbringing.


Here’s what I heard:

  • Be seen and not heard

  • Only speak when spoken to

  • Be a good girl

Basically, don’t bring attention to yourself and downplay everything.


You may have your own reasons for not feeling good about yourself, or being uncomfortable with compliments. Whatever the reasons we need to change it.


Here is a really easy way to do it. It may take a little practice, but instead… try this.

THANK YOU!  Two easy words.  A SMILE and THANK YOU!


  • You look so nice today – THANK YOU!

  • You did such a good job – THANK YOU

  • You are so talented – THANK YOU (STOP and don’t add… anyone can do it, oh it’s no big deal)

  • I love your dress – THANK YOU , (me too!)

  • You look so pretty – THANK YOU, (that is so sweet of you)


My friend, YOU are an amazing person, with unique gifts and talents! You were created for greatness and to make a difference in this world!  Believe it, walk it and live it!

(Now say out loud – THANK YOU!)



‘Til Next Time –


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