OM GOSH! I need a ‘Genius…

Yep, I went to turn ‘it’, the computer, on and… black screen, no sound, nothing, nada, zip… I kept trying, looked up ideas on the internet (from my husband’s computer – duh.. my was out), and did a few things to hopefully make it work.
Finally, after several hours, I gave in and figured the ‘Genius’ folks at Apple could fix it.  YES!  They did… but I had to leave it with them, they had to send it out…. a little scary… and then wait 5 days to get it back…. Glad I had my I-Phone to check emails, etc.  VIOLA!  I am back up and running WHOO HOO!  
So, taking all of that into account, over the next few visits I will share some of ‘What I learned while my computer was gone….” 
Here’s a Clue:
You’ve certainly heard of Location, Location, Location in Real Estate, right?
Well, in Computer Land– it is 
  • BACK UP!
  • BACK UP!!
  • BACK UP!!!


More later =)





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