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Some of the sweetest moments come when a friend opens up and shares their life.  It might be a special family memory, or an event that meant something special, or it could be sharing an Ah-Ha moment.

A week or so ago when I shared the message at our church, I talked a little about my experience as a little girl in Abilene, TX.  That was when God spoke to me and I invited Him into my heart.  At an old fashioned Baptist Revival in Texas,  I believed the preacher when he told me that  Jesus loved me and wanted to live in my heart and stay with me forever.  So I accepted Christ and asked Him to come into my heart and live with me.  He has been with me since that day, through all the ups and downs, and His peace has been the blessing and joy of my life, Through It All, to use the words of a great song by Andrae Crouch.

The reason I’m sharing this again is that the blessing that came after the service was so cool.  A friend began telling me about his experience.  He recalled knowing that God was speaking to his heart and that he made the decision to follow Christ.  This man is a strong believer and lives his faith, and I admire him a great deal.  It was such a blessing to me that he shared his story.  He continued on to tell me another instance that had a profound effect on his life while he was in high school.

When we share our story it can begin a conversation, it allows others to be free to open up and be vulnerable too. These moments are special, they affirm our faith, and bless us as we walk in faith each day.

I’ve had a couple of others come to me and open up as well, and as it continues, I love seeing how Christ continues to use our words and actions to bless even after we think we’re finished.  The Holy Spirit continues to move in our hearts.

Whether we share in front of a large group, in a Sunday School class, a ladies gathering, or just over a cup of coffee, when we open up and share our hearts, it allows others to do the same.  Blessings abound.



QUESTION:   What story would you like to share?

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