Pack It & Forget It – Travel tips 1-2-3


Have you ever taken a trip and when you got there you didn’t have what you needed, or wish you had packed something else?

As you know our family went to Wisconsin for Justin’s wedding and the weather wasn’t exactly as expected.  We were expecting sunshine and mild weather, and it was rainy and in the 40s.

When I came downstairs at the B & B in my lightweight warm up, my sister and Mother asked how did I know to pack it, and again later, when it was raining, I had this light raincoat, they asked why I didn’t tell them to bring something.  The truth is both of these things stay in my suitcase, I forgot I even had them. (BTW, the ‘raincoat’ is this very cool, ankle length lightweight wrap that folds up into a ball and doesn’t wrinkle which makes it very practical.)

Here are a few travel tips that I figured out a number of years ago that work well for me, and thought I’d share… with my helper Miss Sashie.

Sash in suitcase

1 – Have doubles – Pack a make-up bag with all your favorite products, including your cleanser, eye cream, eye shadows, your toothbrush, toothpaste, shave cream, etc., exactly what you use everyday.  This bag will stay in your suitcase all the time.  You won’t take it out in between trips, etc. Also have a zip lock bag of your shampoo and other hair products, again this is a duplicate of what you like to use.   In other words don’t take them out of shower when you are packing.  Already have them packed, and LEAVE it in your travel bag or suitcase.

2 – I keep a lightweight warm up pant and jacket IN my suitcase in case I want to take a walk, or need to go downstairs for coffee before I am actually dressed for the day.

3 – Have a lightweight jacket, raincoat, or some type of ‘wrap’ in case there is a weather change… like rain.  This has happened to me soooo many times. It’s worth having something packed.

4 – Sleepwear – Keep a set of PJs or a gown IN your travel bag.  When you get home from a trip, wash it and put it back in the bag.  Again, you don’t have to think about it when you are getting ready for a trip, because it is already done.

5 – Your special items, this includes pantyhose, allergy meds, Tylenol or aspirin, etc.  (When I was with Mary Kay and had to wear pantyhose ALL the time, I couldn’t take the chance of getting a run and not having a spare pair.) So whatever your items are, buy a spare pair, or set, pack it and put in your bag.

Initially, this may be a little costly, but it really is worthwhile. When I started I bought a new set of items, and put the ones I was using in my travel bag, then as I needed to replace them, it was a few at a time and not everything at once.

So there you go.  Time to go on a trip, all you really have to do is pack the clothes you need for that particular trip, and you are done, because everything is already packed.

Happy travels – Enjoy!


(Oh, and if your puppy jumps in your suitcase, make sure to take her out before closing.)

Blessings!  Feel free to share the message.



QUESTION:  Do you have a travel tip that you want to share?

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