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I love to read all kinds of books.  I like  mysteries and detective books, and I also like self-help, inspirational, and faith-based books. 

Recently a friend loaned me a book and I have to say it was quite thought-provoking and I loved it. The book is “Jesus > Religion”   by Jefferson Bethke.  He makes a lot of great points about ‘religion’ vs ‘relationship’.  Some of his thoughts are regarding the ‘building’ of the church, and how we often confuse the ‘building’ for the ‘people’.  He talks about how easy it is to slip into the mode of ‘playing church’, saying all the ‘proper’ things, but really not living the reality of Christ as our Savior.  Sometimes we miss the point in our busy-ness of church, and forget the love and grace that is what we are really all about.  Christian… being Christ-like.  Jesus was and IS love.  



It’s not about the Doing and Trying, but being close to Jesus and letting His love shine through us to others. Most of the time the people around us who are hurting don’t need us to preach to them, they need us to love and accept them.  They don’t need us to spout off all the Bible verses, they need us to hold their hand, lend a shoulder, understand.  Sometimes they need us to listen.  Ahh, and isn’t that a novel thought.  Listen to their words and listen to their heart.

Jefferson also mentions about how the world has caused us to be in our Christian box, and in many cases, we have allowed it and have become accustomed to it.  

Next time we’ll talk about that.  Thought until then is… Is there  difference between a Christian Artist and an Artist who is Christian.


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Question: Do you think that we often get into habits of ‘playing church’ rather than really being the ‘church’?

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