Presto – It’s Clean . . . 15 Minutes a Day

One thing note

Presto – It’s clean! That was my ’15 minute’ project today. Really . . . One extra ’15 minute’ project a day can keep your house organized.

Sunday at church several of my friends made comments about the ’15 minutes’ post the other day.  One of the ladies said her husband told her that he now knows that it only takes ’15 minutes’, so … well, he had his own suggestion for ‘her’ to do.  We had a good laugh.

Several of us talked about the fact that we have a lot of places need a lot more than 15 minutes. So, again, I suggested we break it down.

Here are some things we shared:

  • Garage – (I don’t really consider the garage as part of the house to keep organized, but that is just me). You may need to take one section or one drawer, one cabinet, or even one shelf at a time. 

Ladies – encourage your husband to help, and let him know you are only asking him to do ’15’ a day on the ‘Honey Do’.  He may have a workbench, or shelves in the garage, or other places as well,  where he could begin working.

  • We all had a little laugh about my closet, when I told them the ‘poncho thing’ I was wearing had been hiding in my closet.  They suggested maybe I needed to spend ’15’ minutes in my closet – and they are probably right.  Although, it is really my jewelry area that needs attention.

Today, however, I decided that the silver pieces in my kitchen needed some cleaning, so that became my project.  They were gifts from my family for Christmas last year.  I love them and use them everyday.  (Why hide them away when I can enjoy them, right?)  The problem is it has been 9 months and they needed cleaning.

I used a new product (for me) called Tarn-X.  It is a liquid silver cleaner, not the paste type I have always used before. I really mean it when I say, the tarnish came off so fast, I was shocked.  All I had to do was wipe it on and ‘presto’ it was clean.  WHOO HOO.  My 3 pieces were clean in less than 15 minutes.  Don’t you just love it?!


Have a wonderful week!


Blessings!  Feel free to share.


QUESTION:  What do you think about the ’15 minute’ idea?  Have you tried it yet?


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