Projects are Fun

I love having a project.  How about you?  It can mean planting a garden, sewing, taking pictures, painting the house, or maybe painting a picture. Although painting a picture would never be mine as that is NOT my gift by any stretch of the imagination. I find that having a project keeps me excited and focused on something new. It can add color to our lives.
Bill and I are doing a type of project together, eating better.  I know that may not sound like a ‘project’, but I don’t like diets. We are doing a variation of SugarBusters.  If you are familiar with it, it is low carbs, and the carbs we eat are complex carbs.  So we are making new eating choices.  I have grown to love cauliflower – I steam and mash it, add a little butter, salt and pepper. It is like eating mashed potatoes =).  Cabbage, zucchini on the grill, asparagus, salads of course, are all part of our favorites list.
Now I have to say that it really is UNFAIR that men have such an advantage. Bill has lost 12 pounds and a few inches off his wait. Moi, not so much, actually very little.  However, we do feel better and the point is better health.  But GOSH – I’d like the 12 pound loss!
I have a couple other projects I am working on and I will share those with you soon.


‘Til Next Time –


2015 —the Best We’ve Ever Seen! 


QUESTION:  What is your project?  Do you have one now or what are you going to start?

Talk to me, I’d love to hear from you!

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