Relax and Rest

This week my sister and I went to Carmel, Ca.  We had such a great time of just hanging out together!  Gosh it is beautiful over there!  

So often in our hurried schedules of going and doing we forget to relax.  That’s why vacations, mini-getaways, or anything that takes you away from your regular schedule are so important.  Our bodies and our minds need to rest and relax.  


There are a lot of studies that are showing that when you rest and re-charge you are actually more productive and able to handle things better.  Most often the thought is we have to keep going and pushing in order to get everything done. The studies show that isn’t true. Unfortunately what happens is we wear ourselves out, burn out, or our performance goes down.


Take a little get away.  IF you can leave town for a day or two – Go for it.  IF you can only steal an hour away – Do it!  Try going to bed and hour early. Go to the park, read a book, take a walk, and start planning a trip.  You deserve a little R & R!



‘Til Next Time –



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Question:  What can you do this week to Rest & Relax?

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