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Many of you were following my FB page and the trip with my Mother through the South, so you have seen some of this info.  For those of you who didn’t see the FB postings…. Here are a few highlights.

Great concert with Friends in KC. Thanks again to Peggy Forstad, Elizabeth Birger, Calvin Arsenia, Andrew Yates, Roxie Adrian, David Smarts,Jennifer Merriner, and Nathan Merriner, plus the many helpers to make it possible!
D-KC Concert-lights

  • Left KC on Monday and headed to Little Rock, AK, to see a longtime family friend.  Poppy and my Mother have been friends for 64 years! WOW!

  • We visited with my cousins in Memphis, TN.  What a joy! (Pat so glad you are doing so well after surgery)  God is the great physician. Thanks to my cousin Gordon for his hospitality and a Fun dinner with the family.

  • Headed through the cotton fields of TN, AK, and LA (Louisiana).  I even picked one and brought it home. My Dad’s family all picked cotton to help the family.  I remember him talking about it being such hard work out in the sun all day.





  • Next on to Monroe, LA, and lunch with my sweet Aunt Sharon.  She is still a hard worker and doing great at 86!

Coushatta, LA, and Hall summit where my Mother spent many years was next.  I met her friends at the bank.  Remember the days of actually speaking to your banker, knowing them personally, and being friends?  (Not just push button….today’s non-personal approach).  They actually knew and remembered her.

Bank C-1

Then we had lunch at the local dinner.  Cornbread made in an iron skillet, and THAT was yummy.  It’s time to go buy one, an iron skillet that is, (I gave mine away a number of years ago.,. thinking I was ‘over’ the cooking part. Time for a new one=)



This was a whole $8, including ice tea and dessert, vanilla pudding =)

We visited my Mother’s house where she used to live until about 10 years ago. It was her Dad’s house, and before that, was her Grandmother’s.  It seemed in good repair and the trees she planted around the house are fabulous and so big.  

Hall S-1

Hall S-5

The rest of town, however, was disappointing and sad. People have moved out and left buildings just deteriorating.  The little corner grocery store is no longer there, nor was the one beauty shop, and the high school is vacant and overgrown with weeds and trash.  I doubt we will go back again.  It was pretty hard on my Mother.


  • A great time in Shreveport for another special visit with a long time friend and then back to Little Rock to do some ‘antiquing’ with Poppy. (She looks pretty awesome for 91!)


If you have the opportunity to get in the car and take a road trip, I encourage it.  The time spent in the car is invaluable.  It opens up opportunities for talking.  I heard stories I’d never heard before, as my Mother reminisced about her past.  

We were able to visit with friends and relatives that we haven’t seen in years. These kind of trips don’t just ‘happen’, you have to make it happen.  When? There is never the ‘perfect’ time, you just have to make the time ‘perfect’. 

Think about it.  Where would you like to go, who haven’t you seen in years, who do you want to go with you?


Many Blessings! ‘Til Next Time – 



Question: If you were going to take a car tour, where would you go? 


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