Would you agree with me that it is often the ‘little things’ we do that can make the greatest difference?

For instance… if your brush your teeth every day, 1-2 minutes in the morning and 1-2 minutes at night, your chances of keeping your teeth is greater.

When I was in Mary Kay, I would share with my customers about washing their face, your skin stays healthier and younger by taking good care of it on a daily basis… and of course using good products and not soap =).

Here is my #1 in a list of  Simple things that make a Big Difference.


  • SMILE from your heart – it shows through your eyes

  • SMILE at the woman with the crying child at the grocery store or on the airplane

  • SMILE at children playing

  • SMILE at the cashier

  • SMILE at the server 

  • SMILE as you see someone on the street – like while walking your dog

  • SMILE even if ‘they’ don’t smile back – do it anyway 




You’ll find the more you give your SMILE to others– the Better you will feel.


Blessings!  Feel free to share.



QUESTION:   What are some other  “Little Things that can make a Big Difference”?


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