Seeking out Smiles


Smiles make you feel good, right?  But did you know they also can help relieve stress and can calm you?
I found this article in For Women First magazine and wanted to share with you.  Shop owners in Japan found that  by placing ‘Smiley faces’ on everything,(dishes, detergent, racks, even veggies) it made people relax and stay in the store longer.  Pretty cool, huh?
Then in a study at Boston University they discovered that looking at upbeat messages and images produces alpha brain waves which trigger feelings of happy relaxation.
So when we Moms put a smiley face or happy message in our child’s lunch box, or send a note with a smile and positive greeting it really does make a difference.
Gosh, and we just thought it felt good. So there you go– Now there is research to prove it.


Share some smiles and happy thoughts as you go through your day… you will feel better and so will those around.
Have a great weekend.  =)  BTW – I’m Smiling at You!
 ‘Til next time.



QUESTION: What do you think — do smiles and positive thoughts make a difference?

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