Small Change-Big Difference – Sept. 2


Simple Changes for Big Results. Most of the time it is a mental thing. There is a saying, you can eat an elephant– ONE bite at a time. So any big goal for your health, or anything, can be achieved in small steps. Have you ever thought, I’m going to change my life.  I’m going to diet, lower my cholesterol, exercise an hour a day, get 8 hours of sleep, get up early every morning, have my hour devotional, and, and, and..  — WHEW I’m tired just thinking about it.

How about make ONE change at a time – in small steps.


Pick One thing to change and do it consistently until it feels normal.

Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Walk 10-15 minutes – Don’t start out at an hour.  It’s defeating yourself before you get started.

  • Drink ONE more glass of water.  Substitute one glass of water instead of a Diet or sugar drink.  

  • Go to bed a half an hour earlier  (for those of you are sleep deprived.  You can tell yourself go to bed an hour or two earlier- but you probably won’t.  A half an hour is more manageable.)

  • Eat One less Carb a day (If you are a Carb addict like me this one is for you =)  You’re not going to give them all up – so just give up one.

Step by Step – Bite by Bite – Small changes for Big Difference.


Blessings!  Feel free to share.


QUESTION: What is ONE small thing you can do for yourself and your health?

I’d love your comments – see the area below.


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