Small Change….


I  was teasing with my sister and told her, “. . . the thing I am most consistent at is my inconsistency.”  Can you relate? Do you have any idea what I mean?

I have found that I can do a lot of things, for a while.  I am a sprinter and not so great at marathons…metaphorically speaking, as I am not a runner… at all.

I want to be better, make better choices, especially when it comes to my health, but well, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  That’s why last time I talked about making only one change at a time.

Another area that I would like to be more consistent is my devotional time. I’ve been up and down on the bible reading  ladder . . . sometimes I do really well and am consistent,  and other times not so much.

This is small change can make a huge difference… Life changing difference, even in a few minutes a day.  It puts our minds in a healthy and positive place. It opens us to the Spirit of God to hear Him speak.  To fill our thoughts on Him and not us.  It changes our perspective. 

Depending on where you are in your devotion life it helps to have a plan.  Start with 10 minutes and see where it goes.

Decide where to start. You may want to:

  • Pick a devotional book, or

  • Choose a book in the Bible, or

  • Choose a plan of reading, a particular study.

  • Maybe read a Psalm a day.

It’s starting that is important.  Start small so you will follow through and be consistent.  You will probably find, that although you tell yourself 10 minutes, it’s hard to stop and you want more.  And, as my kids would say, “That’s all good”.

Blessings!  Feel free to share.


QUESTION:   What is your devotion routine? 

P.S. – My small thing last week was drinking 1 extra glass of water a day.  So far so good.  Although not a habit yet, it’s getting better.


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