What can you give away, that costs you nothing,

yet it can be worth more than money can buy?


Today is National SMILE day


It doesn’t take much effort to Smile.  Mostly, I think it is a matter of thinking about it,  be intentional.  To some people it comes very naturally, but to others . . . not so much. If it doesn’t come easily to you, think about it and decide that today is going to be your ‘Smile’ day.  I know that sounds a little silly, but if you go out the door and decide you are going to smile at those you meet, you may be surprised at what a nice day you will have.  

It takes the focus off of you and puts it on others.  In most cases the person you give a Smile to will Smile back, but not always.  That’s OK.  I find that when I Smile at someone it blesses me even if they don’t Smile back.   There is something really good about it.  It makes my day better, it gives me joy to Smile and when they do Smile back– well that is icing on the cake.



How many Smiles can you give away today?



You can always go one step further, smile and say something nice.  It puts you ‘out there’ a little more, but so often it really can make someone’s day.  Maybe a “Good Morning”, “Nice to see you”, or “…you look great today”, etc.  I recall a day when I met a lady in a department store where we were both shopping.  I said hello and told her how nice she looked.  She got tears in her eyes, and at first I thought maybe I had offended her.  I apologized and she said it she couldn’t remember the last time she had gotten a compliment, and she smiled.

Such a simple thing, a Smile, a kind word . . . it makes a difference.  You never know how much someone might need it.


‘Til next time –





Question: Have you found that smiling makes your day better?

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