So What Do You Want? (Video Chat)


That is the question for today – What do you want?  If you don’t know the answer to that question you will never have the answer.  We have to know what we want so we can begin to make choices that are going to take us closer to the goal.  This can be a life change, change of jobs, or go on vacation, learn to speak a foreign language – anything big or small that YOU want.


It’s the little things we do that make the biggest long-term difference.  This is a little crazy, I know, but think about this.  If you don’t brush your teeth, that 2-3 minutes of time, at some point in the future you will probably lose your teeth – Yikes!  That’s an awful thought.  


Today what choice can you make? Maybe some minor or small change, that can you make today that will take you one step closer to what you want in your life. 


Here’s an example for you.  Maybe you want a new outfit, a new pair of sassy shoes (that’s for me =), or maybe you want to take a vacation.  It takes money right?  So what change can you make today that can take you one step closer to your ‘vacation’?  You might want to take your Starbucks coffee money and put that daily cup of coffee toward your vacation.  It might take a while but at least you are moving toward something you want. Another idea – if you are a smoker, besides giving yourself more of a chance to live longer, you could take your ‘smoke’ money and start your vacation fund, or your new furniture, or whatever else it is that YOU want.

Different choices equal different results.


The first decision is to decide – What you want!


‘Til Next Time –



Life Is Not About Chance – It’s About Choice.  

What are You Choosing Today?


Question:  What do you want? Start a list and then think of ONE decision today that will take you a step closer =)

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