Soooo – What Do You Want?

What do you want?  Can you name it?  Define it?

Until you know what you want you will never have it.

I hear  people talk about what they don’t like about their life or job, what makes them unhappy, but they often don’t know what they want.  


What do YOU want:

  • to take a great vacation, 

  • a better paying job

  • A healthy relationship

  • More time to spend with your family

  • ________________________- (Fill in the blank for you)


These are all great things.  When you can name it, it then becomes real and you can begin to move toward it.  It may take planning, saving up money, wait until next year vacation time.  What ever it is once you start the plan into action it starts becoming true.  You are terrific, you are smart, and you can begin to make your dreams come true.



‘Til Next Time –



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