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Yes, it is Thanksgiving week, a time when we stop and take a moment to look around and count our blessings.  I’ve always loved the idea of keeping a ‘Gratitude’ journal, however,  I start one and then forget to write in it everyday, That’s one of my consistently ‘inconsistent’ things.  Although, I may not write in it everyday, I am grateful and thank the Lord everyday for His blessings and the miracles that I see.

Brian Kell, who is the drummer at our church, and I have written a song ‘God’s Miracles’.  Brian is totally responsible for the upbeat ‘drive’ of the song, and I wrote the words.  Here’s a little clip of the song from our Las Vegas, Fun Fearless Female – WOW the WORLD Conference — the full version of the song will be released soon, but it seemed appropriate to share the song.  “God’s Miracles” and blessings are all around, we just need to stop and notice.

Thank you for being part of  my life.  It is a joy to share life with you in this way. I’m always surprised when someone tells me about something they read, or makes a comment about the blog.  There are so many great things out there in the cyber-world to read and enjoy, and I am honored that you take your precious time to read mine. You are a beautiful child of God, a blessing, and I am thankful for you!



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NEW song Previewed in Las Vegas    GOD’S MIRACLES!  

Watch for release before Christmas


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