Sunday travel-whew!

Boeing 747 RightGreat weekend!  Heading home.  It is Sunday morning and the plane is totally full.
There are lots of families with kids.  You know what I mean, crying babies, cute little toddlers, more crying and fusing children.  My head is down, reading a book, trying to ‘zone out’. (I know…. ‘my bad’.)
I notice a woman who has a little girl, maybe four years old, with her arm in a sling. They come in and sit in my row beside me.  I let them in and go back to reading. 
Fast forward. The woman and I began to talk.  Her husband is a pilot and they were headed back from Denver to get home to Vegas, after the little girl broke her arm yesterday.  Their little boy, 6, stayed with the grandparents in Denver area.  
Then, there was a little boy, about 16 months, right in front of us, crying like crazy. The poor Mom was doing everything she could.  I felt sorry for her, as I remember what it felt like when my kids were small.  The Mom beside was also feeling bad for the Mom in front.
She told me that she had been a nurse for a number of years before they had kids and that being a Mommy, a parent, is the hardest job she has ever had.
This woman is a Christian and striving to raise their children in the faith, and be ‘a good Mom’ (her words). We chatted for quite a while.  She asked what I do, and I told her, but mostly I just listened. I gave her my card and told her if she ever just needed someone to talk to, to call me.
She then said it was ‘meant to be’ that she could sit by me and that every Mom needed a mentor. WOW, she blew me away.  In all the stuff going on, I certainly didn’t expect God to use me, I was just trying to ‘zone out’.
He always knows what is best, and He can use us in spite of ourselves.  Hallelujah!  
I was blessed by the young woman.  I do hope I hear from her. 
Let’s open our hearts for new opportunities.

Blessings!  Feel free to share.



QUESTION: Can you think of a time when God used you as a blessing to someone when you really didn’t expect it?

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