Travel Choices #2- Will You Fuel the Drama?


I’ve been traveling a good bit this summer, and some of you may remember that crazy day I had in while traveling to SC.  Here is a follow-up video about TRAVEL.  

This is #2 in the Travel Choices – 1-2-3 videos.  It took place a few weeks ago.


What travel tip do you have to share with the others?


‘Til Next Time –



Making Better Choices for More Success in Life and Business


Question: Have you had a travel experience you want to share? What choices did you have to make? 

When to Finish . . .


It is Monday morning and as I sit here trying to decide which of my three projects to work on today, it seemed like a good time to share a little priority management, or maybe I should call it ‘Delinda self management’.  

I have three big projects that I need to handle, take care of…Do.  My nature is to do the things I like to do first, and put off the others.  Unfortunately, the ‘others’ then begin to ‘grow’ in my head until they feel totally overwhelming.  Do you ever feel that way?  That’s when I take a look at them and begin to break it down and decide when to start, but more importantly, when to finish.

  1. Organize the garage so I can move everything out of the local storage area and into it. Since I need to get the Christmas decorations out of storage anyway, it seems like a good time to do it AND they raised the rent on the storage by 25%… yikes! Yep, it looks like more releasing, because I know it is not all going to fit.

  2. Edit videos from a couple of the Fun Fearless Female events and post on website (This is my favorite one to do, even though I am just learning how to do it, and it takes a while. Actually it takes hours on the computer and a lot of focus, but I like it and the results).

  3. Begin preparing for the Nevada Real Estate course and test.  (I am having to do some major mental adjustments for this one.)  Many of you know I have been a Broker in Kansas for some 35 years, and it is time to get licensed here in Nevada. In our family I am the ‘test taker’ for our management company. Bill runs the company and it must be licensed in each state where we do business, so it is important to do. However, my mind has to do the mental shift from ‘book learning and test-taking’, to creative and fun.  Like many things it was easier in my 30s than it is now.  Can anyone out there relate??? 

All of this to say, we when look at the choices of things to do and accomplish, it helps to put a time frame around it.  Sometimes we may have to shift or extend the time-frame, but we come closer to getting the job done if we do.  For example, the ‘storage area’, the rent goes up December 1st, so I can choose to pay the new amount for a month or two, or I can choose to get it done by end of November. 


Some of the video footage I have has been in my computer for a year… I know, pretty bad huh?  The new footage from the Las Vegas Event is fresh and inspires me to get it posted by the end of this week. The Nevada Law class and the RE test… I’m giving it until the end of the year.

For me, setting those time frames helps me focus, adjust my daily schedule, and feel like I am making progress.

So today, I am going to spend 1-2 hours in the garage, shifting, moving, eliminating, etc. during the day hours when it is nice outside, work a few hours on the videos in the later afternoon and evening, and the RE…. maybe tomorrow.  Ha, Ha,Ha! OK, so tomorrow I’ll get up and spend the morning, 3-4 hours on the RE law class.

Go out and make it a great day!

‘Til next time –





Question: What do you do when you have several projects to get done.  What tips do you have?

TALK to me – I’d love to hear from you!  (see Comment box below)



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In the Dark. . .


Sometimes don’t you just have to laugh at yourself?  In my process of being so organized, guess what I forgot?


My renters have just moved out of the house.  We’ve known for a month that they were leaving so I have had plenty of time to take care of things.  I’ve got meetings set up with a handyman, painter, landscapers, etc.  Things are right on schedule, right?


NOT!  I walked in to the house yesterday and wondered why it was so dark…  Duh, I forgot to transfer the utilities.

I mean really, that should be right on the top of the list.  So in case you have a move coming up, don’t be left in the dark (tee hee).


  • Electricity

  • Gas

  • Water

  • Cable / Direct TV, etc.

  • Phone (if you still have land line)

  • Post Office for address change (You can do this online for $1.05)

  • County records  (if you are a homeowner or own other property)

  • Voter Registration (sometimes this will pop up when you change your address with Post office or County records)

  • All your vendors, credit cards, etc (I think this is my least favorite, trying to make sure I have them all covered)


Depending on where you are moving from or where you are moving to, you may need to have help with cleaning, yard clean up, inside things like painting repairs, and any changes you need or want to have done to the house. That’s what I am doing today, meeting people to take care of business, and then in a few weeks the actual move.  It will be a month full of interesting situations. I just might have a story or two to tell when it’s over.


YIKES!  Now it’s time to get to work!  High heels off ……


cleaning lady


Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

‘Til next time –



QUESTION:  What is the first thing you do when you are going to have change?

TALK to me – I’d love to hear from you!  (see Comment box below)


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1 – 2 – 3 Easy Move In

You may be moving to a house, apartment, or condo. No matter how big or small, you will have rooms and spaces.  For instance, the bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry, garage, and maybe a loft, etc.  Each room and/or space gets a number.  


I like to start at the front and then number them in order as I walk through the house.  You may want to start with garage as #1, or put it last.  On my list I have also divided the garage into sections.   I am leaving myself a lot of flexibility. Many of the boxes will go into the garage by number, so as I decide where I want to put things I can go to garage and get them, rather than stacking up in the house and moving them around several times (ex. books, decorating items, etc.)  Also, having to ‘live’ with a bunch of boxes is overwhelming, so I put in the garage until I am ready for them.


As I pack, I mark each box on top with the corresponding number so the movers can it easily see it and then take box directly to each room.  


Before the move in date each room/space in the house is marked with that number.  I just take a piece of paper and a sharpie, mark the number, and tape it on the wall.  saves a lot of ‘where does this go?’ questions. 




On moving day, Bill or I will stand in front and tell them where to place even the furniture based on the room numbers. 


Let’s face it, moving can be a hard time of stress, all the preparation and the actual packing while you are still trying to ‘do’ your life is a strain.  Moving day has it’s own issues, and then there’s all the unpacking.  If you can pre-plan, and maybe try a few of these tips, you may find it will make those steps a little bit easier.   It helps me.


‘Til next time –



QUESTION:  Have you tried this?  Do you have another suggestion to make things go smoothly?

TALK to me – I’d love to hear from you!  (see Comment box below)


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