My 3 least favorite words


WHAT’S FOR DINNER?  I have to say that I really hate those words.  It could be because I really don’t like to cook, it’s hard to think about the ‘What’, and it means I probably need to go to the grocery store, (one of my least favorite things to do). I know, I’m so bad!


When the kids were young and we were in and out, doing the basic life stuff, it never really bothered me.  I think maybe because it was just part of what you did.  It wasn’t an event.  You just got dinner ready, sat down, all part of routine.  Are you following me?


Now, however, with it being just the two of us, and doing different things, I don’t like the routine. I am often in the middle of a project, maybe taking a break in the afternoon, focused on something, and sometimes I’m just not in the mood for the What’s for dinner? question.  (I guess it really is selfish.)


Life certainly goes through changes as the kids grow up, we get a little older, get involved in more things, and sometimes the eating schedule and routine are just not that important… to me.


Yes, I love to eat, but I like to do it when I’m hungry, not when the clock strikes a certain hour. Also, I’m a snacker, which means I’d rather snack away my afternoon or evening and not worry about a ‘meal’.  If going to a movie, I’d rather have popcorn at the movie and forget dinner. My KC friends joke with us that the only reason we have a kitchen in our house is for resale value. There could be some truth to that.


Now you know the real me.  My poor sweet husband he has to put up with me.  He has so many great qualities. He doesn’t snack and likes meals at certain times, which is a much healthier way of eating. Truth be known he HAS to eat regularly as he is hypoglycemic. It is a really, really good thing he is good in the kitchen. (and he can cook a Fabulous steak on the grill!) He puts up with me and I guess we have it figured out.  We’ve been married for 36 years, and we keep re-inventing what home and mealtimes look like.  Ahhh, that may be a key to the 36 years!


‘Til Next Time – 



QUESTION:  Do you have any least favorite words or phrases?


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