The 3 “C”s of Life



So what do you REALLY want?  More money, more happiness, more peace, more fun?  


What I’m seeing a lot lately is that many people want MORE but they either don’t know how to move toward it or they don’t want to change. This doesn’t have to be some big ah-ha, it can be something small, some small change you can make today that will start the ball rolling in the other direction.  You know that downward spiral that just seems to keep going down and down.  You can stop it and begin the move upward to new things in your life.  


Take a look at what you want, what will it take to get there or achieve it?  Make a plan, and then take ONE step toward.  You may need to find a mentor, a coach, or someone who can give you a little guidance, a little push to take the next step.


Here’s the thing – YOU have to believe that you have a choice.  It starts with choosing something different.  Take a chance.  Yes, it may be a risk, it may be scary, (actually it probably will be), but you can choose to step out anyway! Very seldom is it as bad or hard as you think it will be.


I love change.  I know that sounds crazy, but I look at change as a way of keeping fresh, being on top of things, learning, and growing. Change can be fun, maybe not in the beginning, but as you walk through it, you may begin to feel a change in you and that starts the movement. Think of the pivotal times in your life.  Chances are it started with a change you really didn’t want, or were scared of, or what you feel was ‘put upon’ you.  Did the experience help you grow?  Did it lead you to new ideas, new thoughts, and new season of your life?


It depends on how you will look at it.  If you choose the poor me syndrome, then that is what you will have in your life.  If you choose the I’m not gonna let this get me down, I can get through this, I’m going to be open… points of view then you will have more success, more ways to grow and truthfully… more success.  You will grow in confidence and that will lead to some of the MORE that you want in your life.


  • Make a Choice for something different

  • Be willing to take a risk

  • Change will happen in your life 


And that can be really really good!

‘Til Next Time –



Helping You Make Better Choices so You can Experience More Success in Life and Business


Question:  What is one choice you can make today to help you take your next step?


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