Then Sings My Soul . . .

“Then sings my soul…”


A few months ago I felt compelled to record this song. It’s always been one o

f my favorites. I grew up singing it in church, have sung it in choir through the years, and I’ve sung it for two funerals, including my Dad’s.  

Sometimes when I hear it, I can’t even sing along, because it stirs up so many feelings and emotions.  Yet, I love it. It affirms that we are not alone. We have a big God.  He is bigger than ourselves, bigger than our circumstances, trials or problems.  He is personal, He loves us,  and we will reign with Him. He is our hope for today and our future.

As I prepared to upload and share it with you, I now realize why I ‘had’ to do it. My dad passed way 12 years ago this week.  So to my Dad, to those of you who need re-assurance, to remember that we serve an awesome God, or to those who just need a song of testimony.

This song is for you.

Then sings my soul….

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Susie-Wyom 3

Susie-Wyom 2The pictures you see on here today are from a friend of mine who is spending the  summer in Wyoming.  Thanks Susie for the beautiful pictures.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Looking a head, Sherry g. Rambin and I will be bringing this song to life in a new way in the Fall.  God is good!

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QUESTION:  Does this song have any special memories for you?  Is there another song that you love?

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