Today is my day – DUH!

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I remember it so vividly .. it was a beautiful sunny day in Kansas City, about 8-10 years ago.  I particularly remember the sunshine because it was either January or February, and when the sun came out it made you want to celebrate.  
On that sunny Friday morning, I had one of those special ‘Ah-Ha’ moments…. while I was standing at the bottom of the steps. The kids were at school and Bill was at the office. I didn’t have any appointments, no phone calls to make, and I had no place I HAD to be at any particular time and I was caught up for the moment on the ‘Have to do’ stuff. Imagine that with me… Ahhhh. Doesn’t that feel GOOD!?   Then I had this thought- WOW today is MY day, I can do anything I want.. Big Smile =)
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Then the ‘Ah-Ha moment.  It was like God whispered, (actually it was God in my spirit) . . . Delinda everyday is YOUR day….You choose how you live it.  WOW! OMGosh!  I was so busy, so caught up in the ‘doing’ of life, that I wasn’t really ‘Being’.  Do you know what I mean?
Of course everyday is my day! Of course, it gets filled up with the ‘stuff’ I fill it up with, I make my calendar, my decisions, choices on how and where and when to spend my time… DUH!
Since then, I have tried to remember that each day is ‘MY’ day, given to me by my Creator to live, to love, and to share with others.  When I fill it up just for the sake of filling it up, or if I’m not paying attention and let ‘life’ runaway with me, then it doesn’t leave much time for Joy, or for the things I love to do, or time to spend with the people I love.
So today’s thought is this:  
“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it…”    NOW– what are you going to do with it?


 ‘Til Next Time —


QUESTION:    This is your day– what are You going to do with it?

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