Turning 40 . . .




Not me, I hit that a ….few… years ago.


I’ve been in Kansas City this week and had a wonderful ‘musical’ meeting with a great friend.  She will be turning 40 soon and she is making a list of fun and different things to do for her birthday.  She has this wonderful idea. (as a matter of fact I may do it for one of my next birthdays… but probably not to match the number … it is too large and I’m not sure I have enough family to do it, so I may have to abbreviate it.)  


Here it is:

She is going to make a list of 40  people that she is grateful for in her life and send them a thank you note. This includes family, past teachers, mentors, etc., that have had an impact or positive influence in her life.  Isn’t that soooo cool!  I love it. Giving to others for her birthday.


I have some time before my birthday so I may start and see how many I can list.  The first 20 or so will be easy.  The other thing, I’m not sure how to find some of the past people who I’d like to thank.  My friend says she is a master on finding people, so I may ask her to help me – of course I do need to remember their name.  (One is an English teacher in High school, it was his first year teaching.  I can remember what he said that made a difference to me, but I can’t remember his name… and those of you who know me well are probably not surprised!)


How about you?  Can you think of people who have made a difference to you in your life, someone you’d like to reach out through the years and thank?


I love this idea! I am helping her think of ’40’ things to do to celebrate her birthday, got any ideas to share?


Oh, and next time I’ll share my philosophy of 40.  If you are turning 40 – Do a Happy Dance, because it is a powerful!  It made my friend smile =)



Many Blessings! ‘Til Next Time – 



Question:  Do you have an idea for a Fun or different thing to do to celebrate turning 40?

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