We may not all get along. . . But . . .


Here’s a comment my son made on FB, “We may not all get along . . . but, for the New Year, let’s AT LEAST try to stop killing one another….”  I think we can expand on that thought… stop hurting each other, judging each other. How about a little Peace.

Peace with each other… Peace in our families… Peace… in our churches, offices, work. Peace – No drama, fighting, judging, hurting.

We joke about it, as in movies and beauty pageants, where the actor says what they wish for is ‘World Peace” (think Miss Congeniality).

World peace seems like such an illusion, I think because we can’t seem to find peace in our daily lives.  It starts here, with me . . . with you.  Peace from the Prince of Peace – Jesus.  Sharing His love by loving each other, accepting each other.  We can agree… to disagree.  It begins with you… and it begins with me.  

So here is my wish this year.  “‘Let There Be Peace on Earth’ and let it begin with me.”

Let There Be Peace on Earth Video

 (Thanks to my friend Sherry g Rambin for recording this at the Silverado Studios with Larry Walker)


Blessings! Love! Joy! Peace!



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