WELCOME to New Blog site – Thanks for stopping by


“Being a woman of God in a crazy demanding world”

New blog…Why Change?  Many of you expressed the ‘not user friendly’ site that I was using, and wanted to leave me comments, or share thoughts, but it was too difficult.

So ‘Voila’ we are doing something different.  Let me know how this works for you. Really!  I mean it.  You can even just send a ‘easy’,  or ‘works good’, or even a ‘this is too hard’.  I appreciate you taking the time to look and try!

Most of all I appreciate you.  Those of you who want to walk this journey of life with me. You know we ‘girls’  need our girlfriends, our chat time, and our time to share.

Blessings and I’ll keep you ‘posted’.






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