Yay or Nay


To everything there is a choice.  What kind of person do you want to be? What do you want people to think about you? You can make it happen by choosing to become that. You can do it now and start becoming that person, that character trait that you want.

How wonderful is that? You have the power to become what/who you want to be …for as he thinks in his heart, so is he   Proverbs 23:7


To everything there is a choice –  even Not choosing is a choice. I would say that this may be one of the single most important things that I believe down in my gut, and try to live by: admitting that I have choices and taking responsibility for those choices.


  • Do you have a job inside or outside of the home? We choose to get up and go to work everyday. You may say you don’t, but yes you do. Maybe you don’t see it as a choice because you know you’d lose you job, etc., but that is why you choose to go.


If you hate getting up and going to work, then maybe you need to choose to look for something else. I would suggest choosing to look at it as a blessing that you have a job. Change your thinking and you can go to work happier. Maybe this is just a holding spot until God opens up a door to something else, but we are responsible for our attitude and thinking.


  • Here’s a hard one for me. I have to admit that my constant battle with my weight is also my choice, OUCH!  I hate that.  When my nephew said that to me several years ago, I got upset with him, what do you know, way would you say that..  Well, the truth is, I can now ‘own’ it. The reason I am heavier than I want to be, is because I love to eat.  I love and crave sugar, often I would rather have dessert than a meal.  I do love veggies and fruit, and lots of good things for me, but I eat equal amounts of the ‘no food value’, worthless foods, or should I say, that has been my past, as I am making changes. 


Now that I can clearly see that if I want it different, if I want better health, more energy to be able to do all the things with my kids and grand kids, if I want to travel and do speaking/singing engagements with total vitality, then I need to make different choices. (Please,there can be major health issues that you may be dealing with, so if that is the case, see your doctor.  Follow his/her advice, make the healthy choices necessary to live with that disease, etc.)

What choices are you making now that may not be good for you?  Write them down and then begin to make a different choice.  Choose You!

There is power in choices. 

(I guess I’ll ‘choose’ to get some exercise and go walk the dog now 🙂

Talk to me – I’d love to hear your thoughts! 


‘Til Next Time –


2015 –the Best We’ve Ever Seen! 

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