What is Your word?

What is your word for the upcoming year?


Over the last few years I have chosen a word to focus on for the year, a word that indicates my vision. What about you – what is your word?


I realize it can be a little scary to ‘put it out there’.


Then people know,

then I have to live up to it,

I’ll just keep it to myself and see how it works out.


Do those kind of thoughts go through your mind? Well, let’s do it anyway!


To give you a few ideas here are some words that I have used over the last few years:

  • Release (it took me 2 years to work on that one),

  • Fearless

  • Change

  • Discovery

  • Impact


There are so many choices! 

  • Choice

  • Change

  • Embrace

  • Truth

  • Grow

  • Learn

  • Faith

  • Forgive

  • Joy

  • Love


The list is endless.  The most important thing is give it some thought and pray about it. What do you want in the months to come?  Do you have a challenge that you want to face head on?  What are your next steps?


This year my word is EXPAND.  Why?  I want to make a difference everyday. I am praying the prayer of Jabez, that God will expand my territory.  EXPAND my sphere of influence for Him.



  • Sphere of influence

  • Thinking (take the girdle off my brain =)

  • Awareness 

  • Direction and possibilities

  • Our Fun Fearless Female Community

  • Service to others


EXPAND my life.



SOOOOOOOO  now it’s YOUR turn. What is your word?


Need some help?  Reach out to me – I’d love to walk through it with you.


‘Til later – Remember . . .


Life is Not a Matter of Chance – It’s a Matter of Choice.

Choose Wisely! Go Out Make it a Great Week and Make a Difference!







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