What ya thinkin’ about…?


What Ya thinkin’ about???  It’s important to pause and think about… what your thinking about.

Have you heard that statement or saying, What you think about, you bring about?    The Bible says it a little bit differently, Proverbs 23:7, “As a man (or woman) thinketh in his heart, so he is”.

Ummm, so let’s see, what are we thinking about?  Are we listening to what God has to tell us?  In His word, in His still small voice, or through Christian friends.  God uses many ways to talk to us.

Or, are we only listening to the voice of the world.  The voice that fills our hearts and minds with images that make us feel ‘less’, that make us feel discontent, giving us images of what we are not.

God gives us hope and gives us dreams of what He has for us. When we are ‘thinking’ on these things it opens up our minds to new possibilities. So Dream Big (a great song by the way, from The Martins ).

When we allow ourselves to believe what God has said, and we think on these things and believe in our  heart, He will bring to fruition. After all,  it was HIS idea. Hallelujah!



QUESTION:   What is a dream that you have stored in your heart?

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