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It may sound strange but you can be happy – joyful – content … no matter what your circumstances look like. 

It’s more than a positive attitude, it’s choices we make everyday, our outlook on life, our faith. It’s knowing that there is more, there is hope, and always another option.

It is Intentional – it doesn’t just happen. It is based on our Choices.


Here are some choices we can make everyday.

  • Positive or Negative 

  • To go your way or God’s way

  • To be Happy or Grumpy

  • Look for the good in others or judge

  • Tell the truth or lie

  •  Do the right thing always or do it when it’s convenient


We get to choose the type of person we will be, we choose how to live our life.  Isn’t that great!  I love the fact that we aren’t stuck…unless we choose to be =)

It will make a difference when we choose ahead of time… then begin to live it out.


‘Til Next Time –

Many Blessings – 



2015 —the Best We’ve Ever Seen! 

 QUESTION:  — Do you believe that you can choose?

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Choose HAPPY!  You DO have a Choice!



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