YEA BUT . . .

Y E A …


How many times when you get a compliment do you insult the giver?  Never! You say – well think about this.

Someone says something nice, gives you a compliment and you say – 

  • Yea but I’ve had this rag for 10 years. . .

  • Yea but I’ve been doing that for _____ 

  • Thanks but it is really nothing. . .

  • Oh Anyone can do that…


YIKES – STOP IT!  You are insulting the person who was so nice to give you a compliment. You are stealing their joy and it makes them feel bad.


Something to think about.

Go Out Make it a Great Week – It is Your Choice!




You asked for it…

Yes! Many of you have asked me for a print / Paperback version of  my book

FUN FEARLESS FEMALE – How to Live the Life You Want Instead of the Life You’ve Got . . .

so HERE it is!

You can click here for info about the book or you can go directly to Amazon and check it out. 



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