Yikes – No Passwords – Back Up # 2


My Computer was down – No passwords. BACK UP Lesson # 2 

This was probably the toughest. I keep a list of passwords in a program on my computer.  But my computer was down, and that meant no passwords… BUMMER! 
Fortunately, I had saved a few passwords in my phone, but had I not been able to retrieve all the others from my computer, well, it would have been really Bad.  
Here are some things I’ve looked at, considered, and a few I am trying. ( I MAKE NO CLAIMS AND DON’T GUARANTEE these sites and am not responsible for any issues.  I am just sharing information.)  The nice thing about these is that you can access from any computer.
  1. EVERNOTE –  This isn’t a Password program, but I had a short list in there, and may expand that list now.  Actually, I really like this App.  I keep ongoing projects, notes for blogs, list of ideas, etc.  It’s great because you can find your notes really fast and you can access from phone or computer.   www.Evernote.com
  2. KEEPER SECURITY – This was recommended by a friend and was very easy to add the app to my phone.  It is Free, and it can be used by both computer and phone. (It does back up to the cloud, but it’s ease of use compared to Passwordbox isn’t quite as good)   www.KeeperSecurity.com
  3. PASSWORDBOX – I am trying this one.  There was an article in the WSJ with a recommendation so I thought I’d try it.  Basically it has a Master Password that you set. Then you add the passwords from your various accounts.  It works very easily, and as you go to your various sites it asks if you want to save that particular password.  (Now I have to admit that I am still a little leery of giving all that info into one place.)  You can click here to check it out.   Passwordbox.com
  4. Another very simple way is keep a small notebook that write them all down.  I suggest you use a pencil so you can make changes easily.  My sister does this and it works great for her.  That is not as good idea for me, as it seems more tedious and what happens if I lose the notebook….?
The main thing is that you need to have some method to retrieve your passwords if your computer goes down, you lose your phone, or both (OM Gosh now that would be an issue).  As long as you can remember your main password you will be able to access the rest of them.
Next time…
BACK UP – # 3 – the Cloud.





QUESTION:  Do you have a place where you secure your passwords that you would recommend?

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