You Are . . .


You are a child of God, Creator of the Universe.  A child of Almighty God, ruler of Heaven and Earth, and He loves YOU!  WOW!  Isn’t that amazing?!


Today as I sit here, it feels like there may be a few of you who may need a little reminder of just how special you are.


Often we think that the car we drive, or the job we have, determines ‘who’ we are.  Not true! My friends, things, jobs, positions, money, etc., do not give us our value or worth.  It’s being a child of God that matters, believing it can change everything about our life.

  • It defines our character

  • It determines our choices

  • what we do

  • how we live our life

  • our relationships

  • how we respond to ‘life’


Believe it and receive all the blessings your Father has in store for you… His beautiful child. 


“For God so loved the world He gave His Only Son…..”   for YOU!”


‘Til next time – 


BLESSINGS! Go out and make it a great day!


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