YUMMM . . . I love Sugar!



YUMMM … lots of SUGAR!  Different forms and colors, but still sugar, and I love it. 
Today I’m going to get a little personal.  I am a carb addict, in particular I  love sweets. My coffee or tea, or any drink has to be sweet.  Cookies, candy (particularly Reese’s) German chocolate cake, brownies (they actually are #1 on my Favs list, and make it a brownie hot fudge sundae and I am Really in business =). Oh, and I love dark chocolate – that’s OK… right???
As I was thinking about all this and making better choices, I said to myself, “I’m going to try and get off sugar”… again.  Then came the ‘AH HA’ moment.  Either I am going to get off sugar or I’m not, there really is no ‘try’.  ‘Try’ is really an excuse to not own up to it.  Make sense?   (Sometimes honesty is the pits.)
So I am not going to ‘Try’.  I am going to ‘Do’.  For me it is literally one day at a time. Yesterday was good.  No sugar.  YIPPEE! Realizing that sugar is in soooo many things, I am starting with no white sugar.  I’ll fine tune as time goes on, but for today, no white sugar.  Then tomorrow I’ll choose ‘No sugar’ again, and in a week, I’ll have 7 days behind me, doing it one day at a time.


I am not a diabetic, but certainly could become one.  In my head I know what foods are good for me, I know mentally what to eat, what foods work better in my body.  My head knowledge is good… HOWEVER… what I ‘know’ and what I ‘Do’ are often two different things.  Can you relate?


A Few facts:
  • *Simple sugars have been observed to aggravate asthma, move mood swings, provoke personality changes, muster mental illness, nourish nervous disorders, deliver diabetes, hurry heart disease, grow gallstones, hasten hypertension, and add arthritis.
  • *Major health organizations (including the American Dietetic Association and American Diabetic Association) agree that sugar consumption in America is one of the 3 major causes of degenerative disease.
  • *Have you heard the saying “Sugar feeds cancer” ?  Many health professionals believe it is true. It’s a simple thought but the explanation is a little more involved. (You might want to google it, it is very interesting.)  AND if there is even a chance that it is true, why would I continue to choose to eat it…DUH!


So today – I choose No Sugar.


‘Til next time – Blessings



QUESTION:  So what do you think about the whole ‘sugar’ thing? I know  you nurses out there have some valuable advise or thoughts =)

* (Check out Healing Daily, http://www.healingdaily.com/detoxification-diet/sugar.htm for more ‘sugar’ info.)

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