Being Present -Again!


Being Present- Again! Thank you Lord for the lesson.

It was a beautiful, bright and sunny Saturday morning.  I was heading back home to Vegas from Phoenix after visiting my Mother.
Much of the drive is four lane divided highway, however, part of it is only two lane.  I will admit that I don’t like two lane roads as it seems there are always those slow cars that get in front of us, and it can be tricky passing them  (Yea, I really like to drive fast, within the speed limit of course =).

About half way thru the trip I was on one of those two lane roads. I was being totally present (it was no coincidence that God gave me that message the other day).  I noticed a car pull out and begin heading down my lane, coming right at me.  I’m thinking, doesn’t this guy see me, surely he is going to pull back in.  But no, he didn’t, and truly, only by the grace of God and His protection, did we not collide!  Since I saw him when he began his move into my lane I was able to slow down and get over  to the edge of the highway. Praise God!  And that is exactly what I did.  Thank you, Jesus, for your protection. Thank you Lord, it was not my time.  The Bible tells us that all of our days are numbered before we are born.

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.  PS 139:16 -New Living Translation

That was very affirming on Sat morning, as I rejoiced in the knowledge that He is the only One who controls our days.  Obviously, He still has work for me, which is exciting.

Next, I thanked Him that I was not side-tracked.  I was NOT texting or checking messages, etc.  I hate to admit that I do that sometimes, I try not to do it much, but that day, if I had looked down, or if I hadn’t been ‘present’ in my driving, the day could have ended differently.

  • It was an affirmation of God and His blessings
  • A lesson in ‘being present’  in all circumstances
  • An ‘Ah Ha’ moment – to NOT text and check messages while driving.

I’m going to make a message on my phone that says ‘driving- will check back later’. I’ll follow up and do like those commercials about not texting and driving.

How about you?  Want to join me? No text and drive?

Praising God and wishing you many blessings.



QUESTION:  Do you text and drive, or check email messages?

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