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A new week beginning  . . . don’t you love Mondays, fresh start and all.  What?  You don’t like Mondays?  I hear that a lot.  (BTW – It may be a negative thought you want to change in 2017… every week has a Monday so it might be better to be positive about it… just saying =).


My week is starting off great in that I’m going to speak to a networking group led by Missy Day, called ‘Like Minded’.  It’ll be a time of sharing and meeting some new people which is the part I love about networking; meeting new people, finding out about the different businesses out there, and hearing what people are doing. And Yes, you heard correctly, I love networking. Again, is this one of those areas that you don’t really love? Maybe you don’t like it or I’ve even heard a few people say they HATE it.


Since I have heard that from numerous people I have decided to share some great news.  I just finished reading a book by a great friend, Cathy Weaver in Kansas City.  She is awesome and so fun. Cathy has really great tips for those of you who may not like networking, may have tried it and you thought you were going to be rich by the next day (not quite the correct expectation), or maybe you just felt uneasy and uncomfortable.


This book is for the beginner as well as for those of you who may have been doing networking events for a few years.  

Here is what I like about her book:

  • Easy to read


Great visual (I like white space on a page and not all text)

Pictures that made me smile

Actual examples of what to do

How to do it tips


So YAY Cathy for writing the book and sharing her insight and knowledge!  You can get it on Amazon.com (click below or on pic)

“Networking on STEROIDS”  

You can also check out her website at www.cathyweaverKC.com


(BTW – Cathy will be speaking and sharing speaking to our MeetUp group n KC at our March luncheon.)


So for me, I’m going to attend one networking event each week… isn’t that cool.  I can’t wait to see who I will meet, what kind of interesting things I will learn, and how I can help connect people together.


Go out and make it a great week!  It is your choice.

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