Negativity can Take You Down Or Not

Are we going to only look at all the negative things in our world OR are we going to look for good.  It is easy to turn on the TV, watch all the meanness, tragedy, and hurtful things that are going on and begin to believe that is all there is.  But it is NOT!  There is good in the world, because there is good in people.  When we begin looking for good, when we make a point to notice when a child is being good, someone is nice to us, or we get great customer service, then our perspective begins to change. 


How about you?  Want to give it a try – Look for good? Will you join me in a 5 person challenge?  This week make a point to notice 5 people doing something good, and then acknowledge it to them.  It might mean saying thank you for a job well done, or comment that they did something well, or even a friend that you appreciate… just tell them.


‘Til Next Time –



Life Is Not About Chance – It’s About Choice.  What are You Choosing Today?


Question:  Will you take the challenge to notice 5 people doing something good and then tell them?  You will bless their life and in return you will be blessed.

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