Never say ‘Never’ – and Never say ‘I Can’t’


As I was sitting here thinking about what to share with you today, I decided to go through my email and let my mind ponder.  I clicked on a message from my former Pastor in Kansas City and this beautiful and totally Inspirational video was sitting right there in my ‘Inbox’.
You’ve heard the saying, some say ‘I Can’  and some say  ‘I Can’t’, and BOTH are right.  If we allow ourselves the indulgence of saying ‘I Can’t’  then we immediately open the door to ‘not’ doing it… whatever ‘it’ is.  
Usually ‘can’t’ really means,
  • I don’t want to
  • I don’t believe I can
  • I’m afraid to try
  • What will others think of me
  • I Don’t want to stop and take the time
  • This is uncomfortable
Would you agree that most of us make excuses? Saying ‘I Can’t’ is just one of them.  What if  you took those words out of your dictionary… would it change your life?
Here is a video of a young and beautiful young woman… who doesn’t say ‘I Can’t’  and if anyone had a reason to . . . well . . . she would.
Very heartfelt and touching.. Enjoy!


This girl never says ‘I Can’t’

jenniferbricker_3Jen Bricker statue-liberty-hand-stand
‘Til next time –
Question: Do you have something in particular where you say ‘I Can’t’, but know that you really ‘Can’, maybe you are just afraid? 
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