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Sash in suitcaseSasha is helping –  I pack our suitcases with the things we will need first

and things I want to know exactly where they are.

This is move in week – Yea!  I am ready to get moved in and settled.  The painting and the changes have been made, now it’s clean the carpets and the final touches.  


The house is empty so we have all week to begin taking things over there before the actual movers come on Friday for the furniture.  My plan is to have all the clothes in the closets and the kitchen set up before the furniture arrives.

My friend Marian sent me a message with an idea that I think is great, and as a matter of fact, I’ve already done it.  


From Marian:


I have some moving experience as well and these are a couple of my tips — you probably already do these and maybe moving within the same town is a little different, but these work for me.


1.  Pack the coffee pot, coffee cups (plus throw away cups for workers) paper towels, coffee in a kitchen box with stars on it.  First to open and have a cup of coffee while watching others carry heavy boxes.


2.  In a bedroom dresser drawer, pack sheets, pillows, towels, & soap, toilet paper.  First thing you should do is make your bed so you can fall into it that night.  Towels in case you have enough energy to shower.  Then you don’t have to open boxes before being able to sleep.

 Those are my 2 best tips.  Marian


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NEXT – the ‘Kicks’. It’s all about the SHOES =).   My friend Vicki has her closet so organized and I loved this idea so much I copied her.  I used to waste so much time opening and closing shoe boxes trying to find the one I wanted to wear, and now it is a breeze.

So two moves ago as I packing up the Master bedroom, I took a picture of each pair of shoes before I packed them.  I made a copy of all the pictures and then taped the picture on the end of each box, so now I don’t have to guess or wonder.  I can see what shoes are in which box.  Yes, it took a little time, but really worth it.


That’s it for now.  Have a wonderful week!


(Oh and BTW, I hope you see my new DISQUS box to make comments.  I’d love for you to do a quick ‘Hi” so I can see how it is working.  Many of you have sent me private messages indicating that it was hard to send a message… and  you were right.  This should make it better. Please let me know.  Really, you can just say ‘Hi’ and I’ll know that it is working.)


Blessings to you all. 

‘Til next time –



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