What IF ?????

what if-2

The “WHAT IF” ‘s…

  • What if … they don’t like me?

  • What if … they make fun of me?

  • What if  … I disappoint them?

  • What if … they think I’m fat… or skinny… or ugly?

  • What if … I do it all wrong?

  • What if … I make a mistake?

  • What if … They say NO?


I call these the WHAT IF – STOPPERS!  They stop your life, your creativity, your joy! They Stop you in your tracks and cause you to stand still.

I’ve heard these questions of self-doubt more times than I can count.  My heart hurts for you if you ask these questions in your head and heart.  These are the questions that ‘Stop’ us, that debilitate, paralyze, and get in the way of becoming all God has for you.


what if-1

Try one of these instead…   Whoo Hoo . . . 


  •  WHAT IF … IT WORKS?  

  • THEY Love it?  They think you are Great? 

  • WHAT IF … They say YES? 

  • WHAT IF they Smile?

  • WHAT IF … GOD SMILES – Ahhh, now doesn’t that make it worth it?



And you will never know unless you Stand Up, Speak Up , and GO for it!

Be bold and courageous!

‘Til next time –





Question: What is your Biggest… WHAT IF… fear?

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