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Embrace the life you want.

Discover how to embrace the freedom to be who you are-- the freedom to dream big, freedom to design and live the life you want!

Choices lead to freedom and no one is better and more entertaining at motivating you to embrace the woman that God created you to be.

At the WOW the World Conference, you'll walk away with more...

  • Confidence
  • Freedom to Choose Your Path
  • Power to Design the Life you Want
  • A Network of Inspiring Women
  • Creative Inspiration
  • A Desire to Own Your Power
  • Answers to finding Joy and Success

Imagine if Every Woman

Could See Herself through God's Eyes

We Could WOW the World!


AUGUST 4th & 5th

Friday and Saturday

featured Guest Speaker Jen Bricker

Conference for Women

Las Vegas 2017

What Would You Like

to Change in Your Life?

Join women from all the country at the WOW the World, 2017 Women's Conference in Las Vegas.


Hotel & Resort

Las Vegas

Make your stay in Las Vegas an extravagant trip to remember at the Suncoast Hotel & Resort with newly remodeled rooms, lavish amenities, and elegant conference rooms.

9090 Alta Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89145

(702) 636-7111

You’ve seen her. You know the woman I’m talking about. She acts as if she has no cares in the world. She is that feminine woman who looks put-together, self-assured and confident.  It is confidence both in who you are and learning to make smart choices for what you want in life.

When we begin to face our fears then we begin to have control over them and we gain power in our life. Many women are afraid to take a chance because they are afraid of failure. Others are afraid of what others will think or say. Some are even afraid of success. We’ll look at some keys to learning how to face your fears and moving past them.

Step out today and just take one small step toward your passion.

We’re going to talk about getting rid of the negative self-talk that holds you back.  We’ll look at the daily choices that you are making - which ones benefit you and which ones don’t.  

When we own our choices- We own our Power!

No matter where you are on your journey, you can hold your head up and walk in confidence. It is confidence that lights up a room. You can face the fears that hold you back, have fun along the way and enjoy your journey.

The time is now. Step into your greatness to become the woman God created you to be.


Women's Empowerment & Confidence Coach

Inspiring Women Daily!

Master Motivator

Author of "Fun Fearless Females: How to Live the Life You Want Instead of the Life You've Got."

Do you light up a room when you walk in or have you always wanted to?

Delinda has been inspiring women at conferences all around the United States for years.  She is regularly requested for return events due to her unique combined talent of entertaining while inspiring and educating.

Q & A Sessions

Entertaining Inspiration

Make & Enjoy New Friendships

Women at Past                       Events.


She's BACK!  Ready to Share Her New Book.

Day 1 - Friday the 4th

1:00 PM VIP Reception--Presidential Suite

2:00 PM All Attendees Welcome Reception

     ~Own Your Words to Own Your Power

  • Learn the Truth about You
  • Stop Comparing
  • Walk in Confidence


    ~VIP's Attend a Private Dinner with Delinda

  • All Other Attendees on their Own Fun Fearless Female Night for Dinner Fun

7:30 PM Light up the Room

  • Photography fun with Jacks Brandon's talented Photographer, Kelly Mikesell
  • Light up the Room Event, and more.

Day 2 - Saturday the 5th

What's Happening!

8:30 AM Doors Open for VIPs

8:45 AM Doors Open for All Attendees

Continental Breakfast (Coffee & Tea)

9:00 AM Networking & Powering UP

     ~Own Your Self-Talk

  • Recognize the Negative Self-Talk
  • Delete the Negative Thoughts
  • Learn New Self-Talk to Change Your Life

    ~Own Your Choices

  • What Choices are You Making Now
  • What Would You Like to Change
  • Learn the Tools You Need to Change

LUNCH (Included)


     ~Own Your Power

  • Define Your Dreams and What You Want
  • Gain Clarity for Your Vision
  • Design a Plan to Begin Your Journey

6:00 PM Closing :)

Fun Fearless Female Brand


WOW the World

2 Days of Inspiration, Learning, Food Fun and a Little Danc'n.


Upgrade includes special seating, VIP dinners, and more.  Hurry, Limited Upgrades available! 

Wow the World Access with VIP Upgrade

Barbara J., Las Vegas

"The women's conference was especially helpful to to me as it was filled with women from all over.  It helped me to become more aware of my blessings.  I met so many wonderful women.

And rather than just reading about good/bad times, I became part of their lives in a spiritual setting.  I came away with the gift of 'recommitment'!"

Barbara A., Las Vegas

"I really needed a hug the day I went to my first event with Delinda.  The minute I entered the room until I walked out the door, there were hugs, laughs, tears, and most of all--love.

It is truly a 'happening,' not to be missed."


Walk in confidence.

Getting connected to Delinda was the best thing that ever happened to me or my business.  She is so positive and has an amazing ability to sift through all my words.

She was able to understand and discern what I was thinking and feeling.  Then with loving skill, she opened up to my understanding just what I needed to do to take the next step forward.  Suddenly, the way to walk in confidence was no longer hidden from me and life took on a new energy.

Thanks Delinda.

How Kris W of Las Vegas, Owned Her Power.

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Save your spot and start living the life you have always wanted!

Kelly Mikesell

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