51iPTIVTegL._AA160_We’ve talked numerous times about how God has something special for each of us. How He has planted desires in your heart, and wants to bring them to fruition.  Often, we tend to put activity and being busy in the way of these desires.  Let’s Stop – Listen – and pay attention. God just may be lighting your path with a wonderful surprise. From my friend Julie Garro.
 The teal blue light of the alarm clock glared at me. It was third morning in a row I was up at 4:00 a.m.with a head full of busy thoughts. Frustrated, I got up and went to my computer to catch up on Facebook and email. That filled one morning. But I continued to wake up just as early. Finally, I decided to write down what was on my mind – maybe then I could get some sleep. So I began to type. Disconnected thoughts began to fill pages.
 After a few weeks I realized those disconnected thoughts weren’t so disconnected after all. There was a theme, and several Scripture references came to mind. I sensed God was working on me, and the pages I had typed had a meaning. I went to visit my Pastor. He didn’t tell me what to do or guide what was happening. He just said, “First, just write – every day. Second, enjoy the ride.”
 It was more than a ride. It was a spiritual adventure. For several months, I spent time – hours – with my Lord before my family got up. Each day was a different journey as God showed me something I hadn’t noticed before, about Himself, and the Scriptures. Some mornings I could not keep up with what God was telling me. I was typing so fast, I was afraid I was missing what He was telling me. Most mornings I was sorry I had to end our time together and go to work.
 I spent more than a year enjoying those precious early morning hours with my Lord as I typed Follow the Light, a record of this marvelous journey with God. My prayer is that through this study, you will see that our great Creator wants to do special and amazing things in your life too.

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Julie will be sharing some of her story at our KC Conference – Thanks Julie!

“Have A Grateful Day” 



QUESTION:   Do you sense God awakening something inside you? Where is His light leading you?


More of Julie’s writing and her new study ‘Follow The Light” can be found at  

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Next stop is Kansas City area, Feb 22, 2014.  

Any of you who live in the area and would like to be a part of making the “WOW” happen in KC, let me know.  


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