More Small Changes . . .


At the ladies luncheon the other day, we had a time of open sharing and there were some great ideas about making small changes.  (Thanks to each of you who were there and for participating.) 

Here are some of their ideas for small changes for Big difference:

  1. Fill a pitcher with water in the morning and when you go to bed the pitcher should be empty.

  2. Hang up your clothes or put away when you take them  off – it saves time later

  3. When you go to a restaurant if they charge you for a drink, i.e., ice tea., order water instead.  Good for finances but mainly helps to drink more water.

  4. At night lay out your clothes for the next day. It saves you the time of going through several outfits when you are rushed while getting ready.

  5. Smile at a stranger; give one and you may get one.

  6. Look for good – you will find it and your life will be better because of it

  7. Read a Bible story to your children at night.  It will enrich them for life


Woman Drinking Water from a Glass




Blessings!  Feel free to share.


QUESTION:  What is a small change you can make today?


I’d love your comments – see the area below.


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