NO Coincidence . . God is at work!

A Baby changes everything . . .

Baby Brighton

There is NO coincidence– it’s God at work!

  • Classmates – Many years ago

  • New friendship at Class Reunion

  • Lives here in town, become good friends

  • Many ‘Nos’ 

  • Russian adoption – home study – doors closed

  • African adoption – home study – doors closed

  • Single

  • Lord, I’ll take any child that You want to give me

  • Take foster parenting class –  “Lord, whatever child You want me to love…”

  • Birthday party chatter – ‘Really, that’s wonderful’  

  • “Here’s my card for childcare, oh, and here’s a card of my friend…” just in case

  • No home for this child

  • Call my friend

  • Come to the hospital – Now!

God’s MIracle!

After more than 5 years of waiting for God’s answer, my sister has a child. A baby boy becomes part of our family.  She never quit believing, never quit trying, never gave up.  God planted the desire in her heart to be a Mom, to have a child to love and to share her life. God’s timing is always perfect.

This week I was blessed to go with her to pick up her new baby boy, Brighton Layne, born August 30. Imagine after all the waiting, seeking, praying, and believing.

A beautiful,  sweet, precious little guy joins our family.  We are so excited!  I am a new Auntie!  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

God is good!  Actually He is Great, Faithful, Loving, and Awesome!

Leaving hospital 9-17    Charisse Leaving the hospital

At home-9-17

Baby Brighton                              Baby Brighton

Aunt Delinda w/ Brighton  

My new nephew

Have a wonderful weekend.  Watch for God’s miracles in your life… they are all around.


Blessings!  Feel free to share.


QUESTION:  What do you think about coincidence?


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