Put Good In — Good comes Out


It is so important what we put into our heart and minds.  We can fill it with goodness and positive thoughts or we can put in ugliness and negativity. Sometimes it is just filling it with mindless, nothingness.  Each day we have 24 hours, some of them are at work, play, home, TV, reading, time with family, and with friends.  We all fill our days differently.  In the same vein those activities are part of what we are ‘feeding’ ourselves everyday.  Watching TV, movies, reading, listening to a wide variety of things, radio, podcast, webinars.


I think that is why the scripture says think on these things: 

whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.  Phil 4:8


A number of years ago, when my kids we just toddlers, I used to watch soap operas.  Oh, I enjoyed them, and for a long time, didn’t see anything wrong with them.  However, I began to realize that I was beginning to get restless, and seemed, ummm I’m not exactly sure, but just not content.  


The Lord began speaking to me about making a change.  I wrestled with it a while, but then realized ‘for me’, I needed to stop watching them.  I am not preaching that soap operas are bad, I am just saying that for me, they became a negative influence in my life.  Now, I haven’t missed them, it’s been probably 20 or so years.


When we focus on pure, and just, lovely, and good things that is what fills us up.  Therefore, when we speak, that abundance of  ‘good’ things come spilling out.  We become a blessing to others and we uplift and encourage others because of the good things we have spent time thinking about and ‘filling’ up on. 


You may have something in your life that is making you less than content in your life, maybe how you talk to others is reflective of what movies you watch, or the books you are reading. 

Sometimes it is good to just take a look and do a little evaluating. You can beat  that if you are spreading time in God’s Word, that more positive and life changing words are coming out when you talk. That is a wonderful thing!


Put Good in – Good comes out! (Or you could say, Put God In, God comes Out =)


‘Til next time – 


BLESSINGS! Go out and make it a great day!


Scripture:  biblegateway.com 


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