Busy Bee – NOT!

Busy– that is our blanket answer.  Recently, my sister had some stuff going on in her life, and I didn’t even know about until it was over…why?  She thought I was too ‘busy’ and didn’t want to bother me.
Yikes!  I want relationships, my family and friends to be my priority…not being ‘Busy’.  Maybe you’ve had something like that happen.  Have people stopped asking you to do things, or go places, or stopped sharing their lives with you?  It may be because when we say how busy we are, and they believe it, and don’t want to bother us.  I don’t think we intentionally want them to leave us alone, but that may be what they perceive.
So, let’s change it.  If you are not ‘Busy’, then what are you?  How are you? How’s life going?  What other answers can we give?  Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time to go into a full blown answer, but are there are more honest answers than the blanket, I’ve been so busy.
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Here are a few thoughts, and this is just to stimulate your mind, so you can think of your own.
So, my friend, How are you?
  • Great!  (Sooo much better than ‘busy’, ‘Fine’, or OK)
  • I’m blessed
  • I’m letting go  (they might ask of what?  of the things that tie me down, the things that hold me back)
  • I’m excited about what God is doing in my life (now THERE is an answer… if it’s true)
  • Really enjoying my family.
  • Traveling and loving it
  • Traveling and learning to adjust to new schedules
What have you been up to?
  • Working on a new projects
  • I’ve been seeking some new opportunities
  • I’m dealing with some issues right now, we can talk later
  • Getting ready to make some changes in my life
  • My life is a little crazy and out of balance, but I’m working on it
  • Other?  _____________________ (you fill it in)
Now most of the time when someone ask the question they are not looking for a long full blown list of what is going on, (there’s a time and place for that).   However, in most cases I think they would like a ‘real’ answer.  You can always say, let’s talk later, or let’s get together, etc.


Mainly for me, I don’t want them to think I am ignoring them, avoiding them, or that I’m too ‘Busy’ for them, (unless of course, you are).


‘Til next time.



QUESTION:    So, How are You?

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